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Redline Bicycles!

Redline makes a bicycle just for you!

The Redline tubular-chromoly fork that started it all!Back in 1974, Redline originally manufactured replacement swingarms for motorcycles. Then a local bike-shop owner with a son interested in the emerging sport of BMX, bet that Redline couldn’t build a stronger and lighter BMX fork, a challenge that led Redline into the bicycle industry.

According to BMX history, Redline created the first tubular-chromoly fork on February 10, 1974. It’s safe to say that Redline forever changed the bicycle industry, as heavy bladed forks would soon become things of the past. Shortly after their revolutionary fork, Redline produced their first run of BMX frames known as the ‘75 Squareback. Redline had officially entered the
bicycle industry.Redline's first official cyclocross team appeared in 1997!

Since their crossover from motorcycles, Redline has been decorated with numerous BMX accolades and racing titles. And they continue to be pioneers in the BMX industry as they helped usher in the 3-piece crankset, triple-clamp fork and aluminum frames and components.

Redline has also expanded into other exciting areas of the cycling industry too. In 1994 they produced 20 prototype cyclocross frames. And it wasn't long before Redline was on top of the podium in cyclocross as well as BMX.

Redline produces a full line of comfort bicycles!Today Redline's tradition of innovation, quality, speed and fun can be found in every model they make. And luckily for us, they make bikes for just about every style of riding.

Along with fast road, mountain and BMX bikes, you’ll also find a line of fitness and comfort bikes. All of which have been crafted for comfort and ease for the casual ride or general commute. Redline bikes aren’t just for racers anymore; they are for anyone who wants to enjoy the day on a great bike!

Swing by the shop soon to choose your favorite Redline. We look forward to seeing you!
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